Our Responsibility

Artisan Real Estate believes that the construction industry is responsible for playing a leading role in environmental sustainability. We will minimise the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain while increasing the energy and resource efficiency of our developments. We fully take on board our responsibility to be lean, clean and green by protecting and caring for the environment and building strong community relationships.

We aim to design and construct our buildings in such a way to reduce the impact on the environment and future proof our buildings to ensure a lifetime of sustainability. At the same time we also seek to enhance the ecology and biodiversity of all our developments.

As regeneration specialists most of our sites involve the remediation and recycling of brownfield land being repurposed through sympathetic design, careful selection of materials, creative landscaping and robust management solutions. We retain old buildings whenever we can on our developments making them functional works of art.

We strive to be one of the most responsible developers whilst handling waste on our sites. When have to demolish a building we will always seek to recycle materials in other parts of the development or on our other new build sites rather than sending those materials to a landfill.

As inner-city developers a key characteristic of our developments will always be their proximity to public transport. We create accessible developments that integrate with existing communities thereby minimising the impact on traffic and transport. All our developments are within 100 metres of public transport and within 10 minutes’ walk of major transport hubs. We actively support and incorporate green transport policies in our developments. Low carbon alternatives have become our default position as we increase cycle storage, reduce traditional car parking, provide for car clubs and introduce electric charging points in all designs.

We ensure that robust arrangements are put in place so that public realm and communal areas are well maintained following the completion of developments.

Artisan Real Estate carefully considers sustainability and environmental impact throughout the design and delivery process. All our schemes are specifically planned to reduce energy and water usage whilst minimising waste both during and post construction. Sustainable urban drainage, green and biodiverse roofs, central energy plants and innovative, non-combustible insulation amongst other features form part of all our developments.

We work with a network of local, regional and national partners to deliver our sustainability objectives. To this end we:

  • foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, suppliers and consultants which deliver innovate, sustainable solutions and encourage progressive implementation of sustainable procurement policies;
  • engage openly with local and national government, supporting their initiatives to deliver their sustainability aspirations and quality community spaces where people live, work and play;
  • where relevant, work closely with public sector and housing associations partners to deliver mixed communities with housing types and tenures that suit local demand; and
  • listen to and engage with local communities to allow their views to be incorporated in our design and delivery

Our Team

Artisan Real Estate’s team combines a wealth of experienced professionals with a creative energy and passion for real estate.

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Artisan Real Estate focusses on securing undervalued assets which can be transformed or enhanced further through a…

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For more info about our developments please contact us via Phone: +44 1624 621847 or Email: info@artisanrealestate.co.uk

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